PEDY understands that its success depends on the employment of honest and reliable people. To assist this process we facilitate an effective selection, recruitment and induction program and all applicants must meet the following selection criteria:

  • At least 2 years cleaning experience.
  • Neat and professional presentation.
  • Be punctual and have an eye for detail.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Motivation to deliver a quality service.
  • Ability to participate as an active team member.
  • Desire to develop personally and professionally.
  • Awareness of health, safety and environmental obligations.
  • Satisfactory DIMIA and police checks.

We believe that the training of staff is an integral part of our service delivery. Training programs for staff will be continuous, active and realistic. They will consist of a thorough induction training, followed by day-to-day training, instruction, correction and advice during the performance of services.

All PEDY Managers and Supervisors are trained to cultivate honest relationships with their staff and teams and we recognise the importance of consulting and communicating with all employees. Through ongoing training and development, support and recognition of efforts, we ensure that our staff remain enthusiastic and motivated while delivering a quality service to our customers.

Upon employment by PEDY, new staff are required to go through a structured and thorough Training Program. The first week of employment will be spent with a Team Leader/Supervisor who will:

  • Introduce them to contacts they will be dealing with.
  • Ensure all relevant paperwork is filled in.
  • Supply them with the PEDY uniform.
  • Co through the cleaning room and any machinery they will be using on the job.
  • Train them on the job in regards to all cleaning procedures and standards.