In accordance with the company’s dedication to safety, regular safety meetings are held in order to continually improve standards. Agenda items include reviews of site safety inspections and staff recommendations.


Programmed performance reviews also include revision and training in workplace health and safety which include:

  • Job Safety Analysis.
  • Ongoing OH&S Training.
  • Risk Assessments.
  • Safe Work Methods.
  • Site Safety Audits.
  • Performance Reviews.
  • Consultation and Cooperation between all staff.

In the event of an incident, accident or hazard is registered on an incident/injury report and faxed to head office. The report details are then distributed to our Operations Team and Safety Committee for immediate analysis and subsequently reported to the Managing Director.


In addition to the implementation of an IMS, PEDY’s quality objectives will be achieved and maintained by adopting the following strategies:

  • Ensuring Safety & Environmental regulatory requirements are being met.
  • Monitoring customer feedback to quantify the effectiveness of service delivery.
  • An ongoing evaluation of systems to satisfy the customers’ changing requirements.

Quality Inspection Reports (QIR’s) are an effective and efficient tool to measure cleaning standards and monitor the quality of service that is being delivered to our clients. During this process, the cleaning is rated and attributed a score. These results are collated and analysed on a monthly basis by our Operations Manager and presented to the Managing Director for review.

The management of PEDY also values feedback by regular telephone communication and courtesy site visits where we note customer views. We are currently exploring the inclusion of feedback surveys as another forum for service performance evaluation. All feedback is analysed by the Managing Director.


Enzyme Wizard, Whitely & JohnsonDiversey products are biodegradable and can be used in conjunction with dilution control systems which are safe, efficient and sensitive to the environment. These dispensing systems are designed to minimise cleaning agent and water usage.

Tamper proof containers of cleaning agent concentrate reduce the manual handling risk to cleaners. As part of their service. Enzyme Wizard, Whiteley & JohnsonDiversey provide on-site training to staff with a completed Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for each cleaner’s room.


PEDY purchases Eco-Friendly chemicals from Citro-Clean, Citro-Clean and Enzyme Wizard are both Australian companies who’s citrus and enzyme based (chemical free) products have become very popular due to their high quality, effectiveness, safe handle-ability and very low environmental impact. Our preferred distributor/supplier of equipment, materials and consumables is Central Cleaning Supplies Ltd

  • Periodic Accredited-Testing-&-Tagging is carried out in house on all electrical equipment so as to ensure safe operation as per our IMS requirements.
  • All Cleaning staff undergo thorough training in the use of equipment either internally or by an authorised representative from our preferred supplier and manufactures.

  • Materials are not used past their effective life-span and are regularly replaced/replenished.
  • PEDY continues to invest in state-of-the-art cleaning equipment ranging from industrial-size ride-on sweeper-scrubbers powered backpack vacuums.

    PEDY only purchases the highest quality cleaning materials.